As a writer, publisher and representative of comic book properties, Jim Simon knows a thing or two about superheroes. DS caught up with the creator to discuss his latest project ShieldMaster, Protector Of The Heroes.

ShieldMaster deals with a lot of interesting concepts, from superheroes to other planes of reality. What inspired the book?
"I wanted to do a story in sort of a retro comic book style, touching on a variety of bases in kind of a mash-up way. While the first story stands on its own, I envision this as part of a larger story, and the several concepts, including various planes of reality as you put it, will all get played out to some degree or another should we decide to go on beyond the first story."

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After Joe Simon created Captain America at his legendary Simon and Kirby Studios, Simon became the first Editor-in-Chief of the company now called Marvel.

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Jim Simon creates and works with properties ranging from comic books to novels.....

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